New servers
The Legacy Productions site has been, moved to a new more efficient server. This will greatly improve the speed at which the site will operate.

FTP Upgrade
Legacy Productions is now using, an updated FTP client. This will make the site's private data more secure, as well as decrease the time clients will have to wait for their content to show up.

Contact Info
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Legacy Productions
460 S 700 W
Cedar City, UT 84720

Email: admin@legacyblade.com


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Legacy Productions is a private access website for clients only

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Legacy Productions Provides computer web design assistance, and tech support at a reasonable rate. Service is king.

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Legacy Productions keeps client content secure while making it simple for them to access.

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Designing applications for specific needs, Legacy Productions is able to provide solutions for company needs. Solutions are clean and efficient.

Who uses our services?

Legacy Productions serves specific clients with their technological needs. Value is the first priority at Legacy Productions while providing competitive prices for the services rendered.

“Solid work, fast implimentation, excellent service! These guys are geeky, but they rock!”
-JCC Inc.

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